An Old Time Beauty...

Oh yeah! Look what I found today at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore locally!  $50 and she was mine.

This is a fiddle base treadle sewing machine from probably the 1870s-1890s. The cabinet, treadle base and head seem to all be intact. It even still has it's leather belt, shuttles and plates. I think she looks pretty darn good for approximately 140 years old. What fun it will be to clean her up and give her a spa treatment with sewing machine oil and see how she runs.

Do you have a vintage machine?

Here she is all cleaned up! According to her serial number she was build for Singer in 1877. She turns over well and things seem to be in pretty good working order. I will be putting in a needle the correct size and seeing if she will make a few quilt blocks. :) What fun to help her survive onward and maybe last another 140 years!