Die Cutter Crazy!

Well, that was fun!
If there is a World Championship of Estate Sales, I think hubby and I just won the bonanza!

We ended up at a sale about an hour north of us and the seller was a creative who loved her die cutting! We just happened to arrive as the BAG SALE started up. For those not familiar, a bag sale is when you take a paper grocery sack and fill it to the brim with ANYTHING  you see at the sale that will fit into the bag. There is a set price for everything in that bag like in this case it was $10 per bag. If you have ever bought a BigZ Sizzix die then you know that I filled up the paper grocery sack with about 50 dies for that $10. And then we went and filled up another bag. And another. And another. Four bags of varied dies and some Zig watercolor markers and a big bag of over 70 doilies tossed on top. The above pic is one tub of SIX tubs full that I sorted out when I got home.

Oh and a Big Shot cutter too. Hubby's biceps grew three sizes in one day carrying these bags. Two of the bags ripped out on the way home. HAH!  The seller was happy to see it all go out the door and we were happy to give these gems a new home. Crazy deal. Crazy fun.  If you ever have a chance to go to a good estate sale--go!  You might find some treasures.