I love Planners and Lists!

I love list making.
Actually, truth be told, I love crossing things OFF my lists.   This started when I was young. I grew up watching Mom keep lists with her yellow pencils handy for just the same purpose. Pencils have leads on one end to write stuff down of course. And on the other end, you have the eraser to amend the list. But the best part of any list is when you CROSS STUFF OFF. That means you got it done. And that means a sense of accomplishment. Hooray!

Sometimes I grab what is close at hand to make my lists like these sheets of a notepad seen above. Once in a while I use envelope backs or post it notes or a calendar sheet. Most times I use my everyday planner.  I just cannot keep all that stuff in my head so I don't even try. Write it down. DO it up. Cross it off.
Then I rejoice. Yep.
Lists are good for me.