ReThink and ReUse

ReUse and ReThink :
Now this quilt is a fairy good example of how I usually work. I get an idea. I look at what is in my stash of blocks, fabrics and pieces. I start combining them. Enlarging smaller blocks in my stack with sashing to make them match the size of the others is a common trick that I use. I buy new to add where needed. Sometimes you do need a little pop of new pattern or color to invigorate the older prints and colors. But, I don't usually go straight to the shops right off in the beginning. I am trying first to use the pieces I have found along my travels, estate sales, secondhand finds and so on. This one even got a inner layer of batting that I pieced from smaller sections of other partial battings that were the same thickness and brand. If I remember correctly, the backing was also pieced to use large chunks of fabrics that co-ordinateed from my bins.

Contrary to what some will tell you, quilting does not have to be spendy --or hard on the environment!