Simplify before the storm,,,
I have been simplifying my workroom and spaces. I do this every so often to give me a bit more calm before the storm of holidays, vacations, or other big events. It helps me regroup BEFORE I get frantic and overwhelmed. People who know me know that I like to be on time and on track and even BORINGLY predictable. It is my jam.  Stress is not really a great state to be in so I avoid it by making my reality more manageable.  Projects are sorted. Deadlines are met.

So I am taking time to downsize. Organize. Evaluate. Part of this is my goal to rid my home of at least 1200 items within the month of November and hubby is on board! This sheet is how we track our progress.  Getting there!

Along the way we found some treasures I had forgotten about! These log cabin blocks (above) will come in handy in an upcoming quilt design! I love organizing.

Make your goals come into reality with a few steps at a time.